I really enjoyed working on this map and even completed it a month before the deadline date. Client was extremely happy and even left an amazing review for me.
"Recently, I hired Luca to construct me a 50s and 60s diner and boy did I know what I was getting myself into. From the moment I communicated with Luca his communication was one of the best I have seen on this platform of developers. He’s constantly re-communicating, sharing screenshots, and making sure what’s being completed is the best for you. Additionally, he was more than open to construct criticism and changes that occurred on and within the map/build and he not once complained about them. He’s so devoted, compassionate, and really does care about not just his building but his client too.
His builds are firstly the best detail that I have ever come across and that is a fact. He’s so precise and complex which makes looking at the builds aesthetic pleasing. He did a wonderful job and I could not have asked for a better partnership from him. Overall, I really believe you should hire Luca for his services as they are amazing. I’ve definitely made a friend and a partner in life and I cannot be more happy that I have."
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