Miami Vibe
Miami Vibe is a 3 floor apartment designed and modelled by me in a couple of weeks. 
There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 loungers, kitchen dining room, balcony and finally a rooftop lounge. These are a few pictures of the first floor and second floor which I personally love how they turned out.
A challenge of designing these apartments is making sure there will be enough space to support either large amounts of players or very few, this is why there is a large open floor plan downstairs and then another main area on the roof with small rooms dotted around.
There are also hidden rooms behind paintings and bookshelves in case you really want to escape socializing.
Chicago Vibe
Chicago Vibe is a single apartment room put together in a couple of days, you can give it a play here ​​​​​​​
Client left a very nice review as well.
"From the start Luca showed professionalism, great communication and passion for his craft. Luca was able to turn my ideas for this project into reality while also adding some of his own, showcasing his talent and pride for his work. After build was complete, I asked to add/change a list of things and he did so within a short amount of time. Definitely recommend working with Luca, as I’m also looking forward to working with him again."
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